We believe that all young people are entitled to experience a high standard of care and the opportunity to build positive memories to reflect on. We aim to achieve positive outcomes for young people by taking a non- judgemental and holistic approach when providing our services.

We want all young people to truly have a place that they can call “Home”.

Our support plans offer every young person an opportunity to graduate towards varied levels of independence whilst they find out who they are and aspire to be. We pride ourselves on supporting all young people to form a sense of confidence and self-worth; within a safe and secure home, via our outreach or education and training programmes.

It is our core aim to support and encourage young people to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives , and where possible return to their own family network to continue their transition into adulthood.

Our support plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of young people, encourage positive progress and act as an evidence base of professional practice. By monitoring a young person’s progress at regular intervention points we can constantly use a cycle of “Plan, Do, and Review” to assess all the elements of their intervention plan.

An established key worker system is in place at SDA, thus providing an allocated member of staff who becomes a primary contact for outside agencies. We believe in listening and working together as a team to capture a youth led voice that informs our working practices.

Mission Statement

Make a Difference in the Community

Our mission is to support young people in care who are making their transition towards adulthood feel safe, secure, understood and part of a professional family.


Our philosophy is to help them to build aspirations, skills, access the arts, education and training todevelop social capital and know who they are or want to become.  

A young adult peeling a potato

Core Aims

Helping those in Need

Our Aim every day is to enable a young person’s journey through the care system to become one that brings them a step closer to believing that the system does not have to define who you become.

“We cannot change the past for you, but we can help you design a future where you have the skills, resilience, courage and networks of support that will catch you if you fall, praise you when you achieve and always remember what your smile looks like…….”       David Mitchell (Social Development Agency)

At SDA Care we believe that semi-independent housing and youth services for young people need to emulate the culture, values, and boundaries of any loving family.  Our homes, staff and partners are part of the cycle of positive influence that is sewn into the DNA of our organisation to ensure that we are all aiming high and building a platform that allows young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We cannot avoid the circumstances that place young people with us, but we can ensure that they are supported, accepted, kept safe and offered every opportunity to believe in the prospect of leaving the care system with a bag full of tools, knowledge and experiences that empowers them to look back with pride and look forward with a compass full of direction, purpose and a vision.

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Value Proposition

Our values are still based on the principles of "Every Child Matters"

  • We will support and encourage young people to be healthy and not fear the need use health services and engage with professionals

  • We will support and encourage young people to manage risk and stay safe and be able to express their concerns and worries in a safe space.

  • We will engage young people in activities so they can enjoy and achieve during their transition to adulthood with positive memories and creative thoughts.

  • We will support young people to make a positive contribution within their local communities, families and places they reside and be seen as more than just a young person 

  • We will support young people to understand the economics of life and indepedence to achieve economic wellbeing and social independence.