Our key document containing all you need to know about our services, properties, practices and procedures.

SDA Statement of Purpose

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Details of our policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drugs.

SDA Alcohol and Drugs Policy & Procedure

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Find out how we manage complaints, suggestions and compliments at SDA Care.

SDA Complaints, Suggestions & Compliments Policy & Procedure

SDA Complaints, Suggestions & Comps Fron

Find out about how we manage confidentiality at SDA Care.

SDA Confidentiality Policy and Procedure 

SDA Confidentiality Policy and Procedure

Read about health and safety

at SDA Care.

SDA Health & Safety Policy and Procedure 

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Find out how we manage personal data at SDA Care.

SDA Overachieving GDPR Policy and Procedure

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Details of our purpose, policies and procedures for staff recruitment.

SDA Safer Recruitment Policy & Procedure

SDA Safer Recruitment Policy Front Page.

Information and relevant forms to handling behavioural challenges.

SDA Behaviour that Challenges Policy & Procedure

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Details of our policies and procedures concerning anti-bullying.

SDA Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedure

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Read about equality and diversity

at SDA Care.

SDA Equality & Diversity Policy and Procedure 

SDA Equality and Diversity Policy and Pr

Details of our Lone Working Policies and Procedures.

SDA Lone Working

Policy and Procedure 

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Safeguarding our young people is of upmost importance, find out more here.

SDA Safeguarding People at Risk Policy and Procedure 

SDA Safeguarding Policy and Procedure fr

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