OutCare, Education and Training

Early Intervention and Prevention

SDA uses a variety of models of intervention to achieve positive outcomes and to ensure that all of our young people, staff and professionals who form part of the overall strategy are well and safe.  


Our staff carry skills across several disciplines enabling us to offer different types of intervention work and targeted support to young people in need.

We characterise this approach as informed integrative work which includes but are not limited to the following approaches:

•    Cognitive behavioural models
•    Task-centred models
•    Crisis intervention models.
•    Trauma informed practice methods


In all cases where a young person is referred to us their house, “New Home” or “Respite Placement” will facilitate the involvement of the young person in the decision-making process in conjunction with any package of therapeutic care.


We also ensure that we proactively facilitate a young person’s access to a range of academic, vocational therapeutic activities and wellbeing resources to engage them in the cycle of learning and creativity.


Our robust pathway and support plans allow young people to assess themselves realistically, build their social capital and determine their own destiny.  

Our Multi-Agency Partnerships also support young people to access a wide range of pre and post 18 services that will assist them with the development of their citizenship qualities and an understanding of their legal responsibilities.