Living Independently

At SDA we offer a holistic model of support based on a consistent approach to good parenting. The model takes account of the values of group living, carefully aligned to the needs of the individual. Our aim is to help young people to overcome the difficulties they have experienced in their young lives and to support their journey to overcome any behavioural problems they may have; to prepare them for their eventual return to their family of origin where this is viable, or integration into long term care.


We also provide them with long-term support when other options are unavailable or as part of a support plan to meet the young person’s needs. We always make this an autonomous decision in favour of the individual’s preferences.

It is our belief that young people need to feel safe to allow them to move on either emotionally, socially or educationally. Once a young person feels safe, they tend to "act out" as part of a process of beginning to let go and make sense of their internal and external worlds.


Young people may test the adults involved in their lives, but this is usually because they have been let down by significant others many times before. Our specialist team is robust, persistent and have the expertise and qualifications to support a young person who is both emotionally and physically in crisis.

SDA understands the importance of creating and sustaining a nurturing environment combined with unconditional positive regard, especially in times of crisis. The environment also contains consistent stability and structure with clear boundaries. Trust, self-confidence and self-esteem are built when young people recognise that the adults supporting them are committed will not let them down, leading to positive well-being for the young person.

Enterprise and Employability

At SDA Care we recognise that many looked after children have been through a journey where they have suffered from gaps in their education, Special Education Needs, Trauma and Abuse that in many cases their confidence, self-esteem and aspirations have diminished.


By recognising that our young people may lack formal qualifications, we actively promote their engagement in qualifications that support the development of their personal, social and enterprise skills.


By working in partnership with organisations like the Princes Trust, Colleges, Voluntary Organisations and Local authorities we ensure that we can involve and sign post our young people ; supported by their key worker into as many opportunities as possible.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

We believe that irrespective of emotional and academic deficits all young people can primarily aspire towards improving their social capital. The investment made in a young person’s achievement pathway at SDA Care is based on our existing holistic framework that has already supported young people to transcend their emotional and academic barriers of engagement and travel towards destinations of further education, employment and mental stability. 

Our diverse offer is supported by targeted therapeutic intervention by our wellbeing team that links a young person to a Key / Support Worker who can bridge the many barriers between the young person, parent/carer, professionals and other support services.

We manage and remove the emotional barriers to engagement by supporting young people to become independent young adults who can explore a wide range of academic, vocational and social experiences that are made available to them. Through internal evaluations and research we have implemented Art and Music therapy sessions as tools 
that are used to develop a creative license and freedom of expression. 


Young people need to feel listened to and develop their emotional intelligence in a way that does not just deal with their emotional challenges but ensures that they challenge themselves to gain as many qualifications and social outcomes as they can. 

Our staff are supported to deliver key working with a pedagogy that uses evidenced based formulas to ensure that achievement is given the opportunity to flourish in the home or externally.

Our aspirations for young people are shown in the outputs we already and will continue to achieve as follows:-

•    Independent Living
•    Academic Achievement 
•    Development of Social Capital
•    Development of Emotional Wellbeing
•    Development of Emotional Intelligence
•    Development of Perosnal Independence and Accountability
•    Active particpant and Role Model in the Community
•    Pathways to FE, Apprenticeships and Employment

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