Semi-Independent Living

24hr Manned & Solo Housing Solutions

Our semi-independent houses are staffed 24-hours by members of our highly-trained team. Service user support is increased or decreased as required and in consultation with the placing authority to meet individual needs.


Every support plan is unique with special consideration to those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, as some may require 1:1 support 24 hours per day.

We use a range of models and frameworks as the one size approach does not meet the needs of young people who are diverse, unique and on occasions simply misunderstood.


Key-working sessions will develop a wide range of skills in areas of need to develop a safe level of independence so that they can safely transition into their next destination of independence.


Their transition will also include an introduction to our Outreach program that can continue to support them in the future where necessary. 

Bedroom with window, bed and desk
Lounge diner with people sat on te sofas and a wndow in th background